Daniel Crawford

Dallas, TX

Royito's is a delicious hot sauce. You can taste the quality ingredients with every bite. It is the only salsa I buy!

Jeff Reeck

Lewisville, TX

I like the Hotter salsa better! More pepper and better taste!

Ed Strom Family

Plano, TX

Our Favorite Salsa!

Stephen Mitchell

Frisco, TX

I do like the serrano flavor of the new Hotter, but the original hotter is hard to beat!

Breanna Kustes

Dallas, TX

Best salsa around!

Perle Ann Kagan

Plano, TX

The best in the world!

Earl Skelton

Plano, TX

It is so good that I took a jar home, ate chips and Royito's until it was gone, and I came back for another two jars…the same day!

Christy & Bob Woodward

Rockwall, TX

I eat it every morning on my omelets!

Jason Lundy

Carrolton, TX


Mike Lunyon

Richardson, TX

Drink it by the jar. Best salsa ever!

Teresa Freedlund

Gladewater, TX

Only salsa in Texas!

Anni Howe/Clint Cariker

Flower Mound, TX / Jefferson, TX

Hotter sauce! Give me a jar. We're going on a picnic and this is going with us! We always buy this, six jars at a time so we don't run out! Its the best we've ever eaten!

Natalie Gray

Irving, TX

I love the fresh taste, and I use it in many recipes or just eat it plain! I tried the reserve and it is amazing!


Dallas, TX

We love this salsa. It is the only salsa we buy now. We could drink it!

Reece Mattorano

Dallas, TX

I'm 9 years old and its great! That is some hot sauce!

Raquel Hodge

Hi! I just wanted to take the time to say how AWESOME your hot sauce is! I just can’t seem to get enough. Its the perfect amount of hot! I keep making my dinners around what I can use this sauce with. Thanks for such a great pure and authentic product! I also love that I can read and understand all the ingredients. No junk in this.

Jessica Tubbs

I wanted to let you know Royito’s Salsa is my go-to brand! I love the simplicity, subtle spiciness and watery-almost-feel-like-putting-vodka-in-it-and-drinking-it-like-a-Bloody-Mary consistency! Thank you for believing in your product and caring about the quality of your ingredients. Keep rockin’!

Wendy Miller

We love this hot sauce. Since I have a food sensitivity to garlic, I have been on a search for a good hot sauce without garlic. This hot sauce is addictive, and we absolutely love it. Thank you.